Turning Buildings Into 5G Infrastructure

Unique Partnerships for Building Owners and Wireless Carriers to Deliver on a Connected Future

For Real Estate Owners

Turn Your Roof Into 5G

Partner with us to transform your rooftop into a 5G hub. With our turnkey solutions, you can easily turn idle space into an ongoing, hassle-free revenue stream tailored to meet your goals.

For Wireless Carriers

Reduce Network Costs

Slash your operational expenses without sacrificing quality. Utilize our shared infrastructure to deploy your network efficiently, and choose from flexible partnership models to meet your specific needs.

The Evolution of Wireless

Shared Infrastructure

In an era where connectivity is no longer a luxury but a necessity, the demand for seamless wireless services is skyrocketing. Traditional models of network deployment are not only capital-intensive but also fail to maximize the utility of existing real estate assets. Enter our innovative model of Shared Active Infrastructure, a game-changer in the wireless ecosystem.We offer a symbiotic relationship between property owners and wireless carriers—transforming underutilized rooftops into revenue-generating cell sites. For building owners, we present a turnkey solution that not only converts idle space into a valuable asset but also offers a share in the ongoing revenue. We handle all the complexities, from deployment to operation, allowing property owners to enjoy a hassle-free income stream.For wireless carriers, our approach offers a twofold advantage. Choose between a model where we deploy, own, and operate the infrastructure you need, or deploy your own while swapping us wholesale capacity. Either way, carriers can significantly reduce their network costs while maintaining top-notch service for their subscribers.Leveraging cutting-edge MOCN network architecture and CBRS, we are setting new benchmarks for efficiency, scalability, and profitability in the wireless infrastructure space. By leaning into the commodification of wireless capacity, we not only unlock new revenue streams but also pave the way for a more connected future.

Citizen Broadband Radio Service (CBRS)

CBRS is not just another acronym—it's a transformative leap in wireless technology. By democratizing the 3.5GHz spectrum, CBRS opens the door to a new frontier of connectivity. It allows us to offer more reliable, efficient, and scalable wireless services than ever before. It's particularly advantageous for our business model, enabling us to deploy networks without red tape and more flexibility, thus passing on the benefits of reduced costs and increased revenue sharing to our property owners and carrier partners.

Multi-Operator Core Networks (MOCN)

MOCN represents the future of network sharing. This architecture allows multiple carriers to operate on the same physical infrastructure without sacrificing the quality of service. In essence, it's the backbone that makes our shared active infrastructure model not just feasible, but highly efficient. By adopting MOCN, we enable wireless carriers to minimize their operational costs while maximizing network performance. The end result? A win-win for carriers and property owners alike.

Flexible Partnership Options

In the rapidly evolving landscape of wireless connectivity, one size doesn't fit all. That's why we offer a range of partnership options tailored to meet the unique needs of both property owners and wireless carriers. Whether you're a building owner looking for a turnkey solution to monetize your unused space or a carrier seeking to optimize network costs, we have a partnership model that works for you. From revenue-sharing agreements to wholesale capacity swaps, our flexible terms are designed to provide maximum benefit with minimum hassle.

Join Us in Delivering Our Connected Future

Leverage CBRS and MOCN technologies through our flexible partnership models for a future-proof investment. Discover unmatched value in shared active infrastructure.

Our Process

  1. Provide your location (s). Whether you are a property owner or wireless carrier your location is the first step in determining if Kroo can create value for you.

  1. Whether you are a wireless carrier or property owner, if your location(s) are a match, Kroo will create a custom partnership to help you reach your goals.

Transform Your Property; Transform Your Network

We're not just providers; we're partners. Our unique blend of cutting-edge technology and flexible partnership options offers unmatched value for a connected future.

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